Case 4: Mark’s Collectibles


Book Case 6

  • Description
    A new company in your area, Mark’s Collectables, has hired your firm to help do some simple statistical information generation about people that are coming to their web site. Being a small startup company that is growing much faster than they anticipated, they don’t have suffiecient employee resouces to do this work on their own. You boss would like you to impress this company since it appears that it could grow in the future to be something big and she would like to have other parts of the company be able to help them with consulting for web application development and support. To enable you to evaluate the data the ownder, Mark Allan, has sent you the web site access data data.Your boss gives you additional verbal instructions.

    “You are doing very well. Make sure that you continue to do so, but don’t spend too much time on this one. It could be a great account for us in the future but I have larger money making projects I need to have you working on soon.”

  • Deliverables
    1. Discussion with your cohort about the Excel resources
    2. Discussion with your cohort about the case issues, concepts, and possible solutions
    3. Discussion with the class about your cohort’s possible solutions to the case and any unresolved issues
    4. Personal questions you have about the case and Excel
    5. A professionally designed and accurate Spreadsheet created by your cohort that indicates what types of use Mr. Allen’s web site is getting.
    6. A completed assesment case
  • Resources
  • Vocabulary
    • Import: to bring in from the outside.

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